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· I Q Test Training | Workshops | Seminars | WAPIS-PR  Flying Bee

Psychogenesis Research Foundation is conducting an one day workshop     on ADULT  IQ Assessment.  The workshop aims to assist participants in both theoretical and practical aspects of intelligence testing 

                                                IQ Test

The workshop will comprise of introduction to comprehensive and extensively used standardized IQ Scales like

         Malin’s Intelligence Scale for Indian Children (MISIC)

         IQ Test for children. MISIC is Indian version of 

      Wechsler Intelligence Scale of Children

on  Schedule:  


                                                  1st  Date:  xx xx|xxy |                                                          Venue:  Psychogenesis Research Foundation                                                   Time:   11 am – 5 pm (40 minutes Lunch Break)                            Charges: Rs. 1,500/- including Lunch  & Coffee-snacks

                                                    NOTE :                                                           

Any group of  4 or 6 students or candidates Coming Together we can  arrange customized schedule

   Cattell's Sixteen Personality Test


16PF | Cattell's Sixteen Personality Factor| A Leading Personality Test  

The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (or 16 PF) , is a SELF REPORT multiple-choice personality questionnaire which was developed over several decades of research by Raymond B. Cattell. on 

                                        Date:  22  April | 2019 | Monday                                                 Venue:  Psychogenesis Research Foundation                       

Time:   11 am – 5 pm (40 minutes Lunch Break)            

 Charges: Rs. 1,000/- including Lunch  & Tea/Coffee-snacks


Charges: Rs. 3,200/- including complete 16PF Test Kit with Manual

Venue : Psychogenesis,23/D,Fern Road,Baliganj, Kolkata -700019


Any group of  6 or 8 students or candidates Coming Together we can  arrange customized schedule


            Play Therapy is a form of therapy that uses play  to                                communicate with and help people                      specially children.

Play Therapy Training

      Date:  22 April'19 | Monday | 11 am  |  New classes          

             Venue:  Psychogenesis Research Foundation                 

 ( Time ;11 am – 5 pm ( 40 minutes Lunch Break                        

 Duration : Four Mondays (24 hours) Special Class 

  Charges: Rs. 5,000/- including  Tea/Coffee & snacks and Lunch

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   9231000080 (11 am to 5 pm)

· Any Psychometric Class Absolutely Practical Based  

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