A family of qualified resourceful and innovative Psychologist, Psycho-Therapist,  Psychological,  Counsellor, Social-Worker, Special Educator and Faculty members.

Beside Educational or Practical knowledge enthusiasm and inquisitive mind are the spirit of each & every family member of Psychogenesis.

We, just do not diagnose only the mental problem or disorder, not just only treat, not just only try to rehabilitate to suffers but do care all the aspect holistically for the suffers, surrounds and the family members.

Our Prime Activities Are Treatment Of Mental Disorders Through Counselling , Psychotherapies , Guiding for Medication.

Training On Psycho-Counselling ,Psychotherapy , Making Awareness On Psychological Crisis And Giving Support To The Family Member Of Sufferers in all aspects .

We are a Non Profit Organization, registered under West Bengal (India) Societies Act XXVI of 1961, No S/IL/16746 of 2003-2004 by the name of Psychogenesis Research Foundation and We have also 

India Govt.’s Unique ID, that is : WB/2011/0044237

We are family of equal feeling, Philosophy, Aim and Dream, in this family someone acts as supervisor but no one play the role of superior or Boss. So nobody is Subordinate here, everybody gets equal respect, honour and importance.

Our Office is in prime location of South Kolkata i.e.

23/D , Fern Road, Ballygunge,Kolkata-700019 

Say  Hallo  to  Us  at   9231000080 or 9432544404.

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 Psychogenesis Research Foundation

23/D , Fern Road, Ballygunge


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