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Psychometric Testing And Assessment 

Psychometric Test

Psychometrics Testing is the science of measuring a subject’s abilities, knowledge, attitudes, personality traits, and level of education through testing. By measuring these traits the assessor is able to gain an inside view of not only what a person knows, but also what they are capable of learning and how they feel about certain situations.      

Psychogenesis Provides following Psychometric Test Services

                                                        Psychometric Assessment                                                       Such as:

  • I.Q TEST
  • TAT
  • CAT 
  • AND MANY MORE ......

 Know Your Personality Types and Strengths by Psychometric Test

For exploration your personality Traits , Shadows and improvement your personality , you can enjoy our Psychometric Assessment Services.

We have various  excellent Psychometric Test instruments to diagnose your invisible strengths and limitations or weakness of your personality which can provide you a new better life.

You can enhance your quality of personality with wise utilization of real strengths and replacement with your weakness by healthy one.

 We use for Personality Evaluation Test:

  • IQ Tests  
  • 16 PF
  • Sentence Completion Test  
  • Aptitude  Test
  • Eysenck Personality Questionnaire 
  • Big Five Inventory
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Useful for:  Students of management, Doctor, Engineer, IT, Hotel Management, Public Relation, Electronic  & Print  Media, Executive Trainee, Call Center, Sales Executive, Acting and Entertainment world

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                       Psychometric Training                                                      Psychogenesis regularly organizing by hand training on Psychometric skill development for the Students and professional. 

Mostly it is workshop based

  • Providing individual care
  • Training with Test-Kit (no sharing with others)
  • Short-term
  • Small batches
  • Low cost
  • Additional practice under expert supervision         


Workshop based 8 Important Standardized Psychometric Tests Training Program

1. BECK’S DEPRESSION INVENTORY [BDI]To measure  severity of Depression i.e. Mild,Moderate  or  Severe of  Adult.

2. DEPRESSION ANXIETY AND STRESS SCALE [DASS]To Measures  the negative emotional states of depression, anxiety, and   stress in  ages 14 and above

3. DRAW A PERSON [DAP] TEST To measure maturity & various emotional conflict of the children in-between 3 to 15 years of age.

4. JUNIOR EYSENC PERSONALITY QUESTIONNAIR  [JEPQ] To measure 3 Personality Traits i.e. Extroversion, Psychotism, Neurotism  & Lying child to adolescence.

5. PROBLEM BEHAVIOUR CHECKLIST - To measure Emotional  & Behavioural Problem of Children,age ranging 5 tp 12 years.

6. Raven’s STANDARD PROGRESSIVE MATRIX   To measure I.Q. age ranging from 5-16 years
7.  COLOUR PROGRESSIVE MATRIX To measure I.Q. age ranging from 4-11 years.
8. Yale-Brown OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE SCALE (Y-BOCS) To assess  severity and type of symptoms in patients  with obsessive compulsive disorder.

                  Medium of instruction : Bengali /English                   

     Course duration:  Four weeks /  Fee : Rs. 3,500/-for one time payment 

right red arrow back and forth side to side  Please NOTE that any course Fee is excluding TEST-KITs


Workshop based 4 Important Standardized Psychometric Tests mostly used in clinical assessment for children.

1. ADHD Rating Scale  --To find out degree of severity of Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder  i.e. Mild, Moderate or Severe

2. AUTISM Rating Scale  --To find out degree of severity of Autism i.e.Mild, Moderate or Severe

 3. FAMILY PATHOLOGY --To measure the  degree of Maladaptive Behaviour in the family members in their interaction between spouses or parents and children.

 4. KOHOS BLOCK DESIGN --To It is a performance base designed to be an IQ test for children or adults with a mental age between 3 and 19 years.

5.VINELAND SOCIAL MATURITY SCALE --The Vineland Social Maturity Scale is a non-projective personality measure designed to help in     the assessment of social competence.     

Medium of instruction : Bengali /English                                                                                  Course Duration:  Four weeks /  Fee : Rs. 3,500/-for one time payment 

           right red arrow back and forth side to side  Please NOTE that any course Fee is excluding TEST-KITs


Workshop based 5 Important useful Psychometric Tests             for students and professionals :

1. BECK DEPRESSION INVENTORY (BDI-II)                                 

2. DRAW-A-PERSON (DAP)                                                            

3.RORSCHACH INK BLOT                                                                  

4. STATE-TRAIT ANXIETY INVENTORY (STAI)                                


Medium of instruction : Bengali /English                                            

Course Duration:  Eight weeks /  Fee : Rs4,000/-for one time payment                 right red arrow back and forth side to side  Please NOTE that any course Fee is excluding TEST-KITs          Psychometric Test ,Psychometric training,I.Q Test,Personality Test,Career Counselling

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