Q. What is the speciality of your course?                                                                     According our philosophy we believe in practical world. We do emphasize on Practical Part in the course and necessary amount of theory part. Since, there are lots of international famous Books are available around India at the rate of budget friendly price. So, you can purchase theory knowledge but not practical knowledge. We design our course focusing on the practical skill, so, our course is always less strenuous and user friendly and it helps you to help others. We never claim that we are the best but we are unique in our own way. Anytime you can come to enjoy our free class.Our institution is open from Monday to Saturday.

Q.Can I join in this course in the evening?                                                Yes, for service holder or those who are engage in day time, for them, we are conducting this course in evening from 6pm to 8pm.

Q. What is the batch strength like?

We prefer Small Batch of 6-8 students, not more than that.

Q. How do you provide practical facilities?

We are organizing practical workshop. We create ambience of real-life counseling session. We provide real Case-History (concealing real name, address and age) that is analyzed by the students and then students start to role play or mock practice. One of the student play as a COUNSELLOR and another student become COUNSELEE. But after completion of the course students can enjoy INTERNSHIP, that is great opportunity we provide real case to handle under our strict supervision

Q. Students can handle real patient during the training period?

Of course not, that is not only unethical but dangerous for human life. As a responsible organization we never allow this practice during training  period but we allow our students only taking or recording Case-History Sheet of a real patient.

Q. Do hve any examination of this Course?

Yes, at first we take midterm assessment Test for monitoring your progress then Final exam at the end of the session.

Q. Do you offer any certificate after completion of this course?

 Yes, we offer Mark-sheet and Certificate both, if you pass the examination.  


Q. Is your certificate is valid?

In non-government sector many students are working in many organizations (like School, NGO, Counselling Centre, Special Education School, Tele-Counselling Centre) with this certificate.

Q. Do you have any postal or online training?

No sorry, we believe Psychological Counselling is an absolutely a Practical based Course. In postal coaching only you can learn theory, that is also partly, because of, there is lot of terminology which is not possible to understand without a competent teacher. Not only that, Practical Knowledge is 100% impossible to learn through a Postal or online training.

Q. Your course is recognized by any university?

It specially designed  by Psychogenesis Research Foundation (It is a NGO working on Psychological Problems, its Diagnosis & Treatment and other related Research work).

It is not an affiliated Course by any University because it is a non-conventional Skill developmental program design in the form of a course, focused on Highest Degree of Practical Knowledge of applied Psychological Counseling.it is supported by basic Psychological Theories, so there is no such course conducted by any Universities in India.It is a unique Course to learn Psycho-Counselling with Human Mind Analysis, Development of Personality, Soft-Skilled & Voice Grooming. 

 Q. I do not have any Psychological background. Can I join in any Psychological Course of any University?

Yes, you can join in a Psychology based course of Distance Education of Annamalai University or in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).  All these courses mostly are theory based but you can enjoy a University Degree (besides this kind of courses for practical knowledge you can join in our Counselling course to enhance your skills and competency in practical field).

 Q. Is there any provision of accommodation for outstation students of other university or from other state ?

Yes,we have AC accommodation facilities with food for girls and boys separately     

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