Counselling Training Program of Psychogenesis

 Fundamental Psychology & Applied Counseling And Body-language Course

Applied Counselling

Psychological Counseling – is one of the challenging and attractive professions in Psychological field of helping people in new era. This Counseling Course is a Short-Term practical based on analysis of human mind, identify and diagnosis of Mental Disturbances and Providing Psycho-Support through Psychological Counseling.

Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in any field... no psychological background necessary

Course Suitable For:

Student of MBA, Doctors, Human Right Professionals, Teachers, Parents of Mentally Challenged Child or ward, Executives , Public Relation Professionals, Managers, Psycho-Counsellors, Education-Counsellors, Student of Psychology, Psychotherapist, House-wife, & NGO Personnel.

Subject Covering

Scientific reason of mental Disorder (Etiology),

Basic Terminology  (Symptomatology) of Applied Psychology, Topography & Structure of Human Mind, body -language, b


Defense mechanism Of Mind

Case-History (of Mental Problems) Analysis,

Counselling Methods & Application,

Practical Application of Influencing Technique of Counselling.

Medium of Instruction :Bengali/English

Course Duration:  Four MONTHS

Fee : Rs. 4,020.00 for one-time payment OR

Rs1,000.00 / month by installment From

Applied Geriatric Counseling 

Geriatric Counseling

 Geriatric Counselling is a type of counseling that is meant to  offer  assistance or Geriatric care management to older adults during this difficult transition period in their lives.

In today’s modern world, people are living to older ages than ever before.  The physical and cognitive changes that occur during the aging process  can make life very difficult for many people.  Because of this, the field of geriatrics care is growing faster than ever before. Geriatric counselors or Geriatric Animator ,on the  other hand, can provide the assistance that older adults need and   educate the family member.                     

Geriatric Animator Course Coverage:

  • Geriatrics
  • Psychogeriatrics,
  • Aging and Geriatric Issues
  • Common Physical Complications 
  • psychological Disorders in the elderly
  • Geriatric Counseling
  • Therapy Modalities (e.g., supportive, psychodynamic).
  • Psychometric Test

Eligibility :  Graduation from any Stream.                                                     

Medium of Instruction :  Bengali/English                                                   

Course Duration:   THREE MONTHS                                                                    

FEE : Rs. 2,700.00 for one time payment OR  by Installment                @ Rs. 900.00 per month.

Applied Child Psychology and Crisis Management

Child Psychology

An excellent useful short-term course on Applied Child Psychology which helps to understand the dynamics of child behavior and diagnosis & treatment of Psychological Problems of children.

Subject Covering:

Psychology of the Baby/Cognitive & Creative Theories/Social development/Emotional and Behavioral changes/Educational Needs /Impact of praise & criticism/Learning Methods/Parenting Tips/Socialization//Communication techniques/Problem and Crisis Diagnosis/Pre-School counseling/Setting Goals/problems or Crisis Management

Useful For:

Parents, Teacher, NGO Personnel, Parents of Mentally Challenged Children, Student of Psychology, Child Day-Care-Centre, health-Worker, Nursery or Kindergarten Teachers, Care  giver  of  Crche.

Medium of Instruction : Bengali/English

Course Duration:   EIGHT MONTHS

Fee : Rs. 7,220.00 for onetime payment OR  by installment

 @ Rs.900.00 per month.

Applied And Drug Rehabilitation Counselling & Body Language

Chemical Addict

It is an extended part of   Fundamental Psychology & Applied Counselling  & Body Language.  This course included one special paper on Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation Counselling "which is covering :


· Understanding Drug Use, Abuse, And Addiction

· X-Factor Of  Becoming Drug Addicted

· How Drug Abuse And Addiction Can Develop –The Reasons Why People Use Drugs 

· Signs, Symptoms, And Help For Drug Problems And Substance Abuse

· Myths About Drug Abuse And  Addiction

· Reasons Why People Use Drugs – A Quick Overview

· Warning Syndrome Or Indicator Of  Abusing Drugs 

· Understanding Powerlessness & Unmanageability Against Drug

· Relapse Prevention – Understanding Relapse Syndrome And Progression

· Counselling , After Care Counselling And Rehabilitation



· Skills and quality development  of a Counseller

· Counselling Methods and Techniques


Medium of Instruction : Bengali/English

Course Duration:   THREE MONTHS

Fee : Rs. 2,870.00 for one time payment OR                                                     by installment  Rs. 950.00                             Psychology Courses,Counseling Courses ,Child Psychology,,Teenage Psychology Courses


Teenage Counselling

Two important  FOUR MONTHS short term courses aim  to meet the needs of the community in the area of Adolescent Counselling  as well as Post Marital Counselling by providing participants with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes required to support and guide young people.

Course covering for Adolescent Counselling

Course covering for Post Marital  Counselling

Marital Counselling

@ Rs.950.00 / months by installment

                           ONE YEAR DIPLOMA IN                              MENTAL HEAL,ADVANCE  COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY                                           ...See THE SYLLABUS....

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