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career Counselling    

It is a postmortem of psychological strength of a student/person to diagnose of the appropriate subjects of study (at +2 level and undergraduate level) that are in line with your ultimate career aspirations/ goals in which their interest and passion lies.

  To identify the Career Fields (Engineering, Medical, Management etc.) that you may opt from.

  To know all the possible kind of jobs opportunities that are available in the occupational world.

  Finding True Potential of students to find out more about the study courses interest them and what are its future prospects.

  Exploration to Clears Confusion --it helps students overcome this confusion by giving them a clear idea of what to expect from various study courses offered by numerous institute.  


Choosing a right career option is the most vital decision in everyone's life. Students may go through a dilemma of choosing a career after completing their 10th, 12th or graduation.Apart from the top paying and common career options such as Medical, Engineering,Management, Chartered Accountancy etc., numerous other options are available in the field of Health Care, Travel and Tourism, Media and so on. The choice of a career depends on the job prospects of the field and most certainly the interest of the candidate.

Process OF career counselling
Exploration of appropriate Career for the student/young adult through Psychological Analysis and Psychometric Test i.e. it is kind of  Psychological Post-Mortem to find out the most suitable potential domain of profession for a person.
Minimum age for Career Conselling is 14

method we follow in Counselling 

A.   Personal Psycho-Counseling to find out Attitude, mental -frame and fear-factor and Employability-skill.

B.   Psychometric Test we use internationally standardized Psychometric-Tests Kits/Inventories/Scales/Batteries of

1.    Intelligent Test

2.    Personality Test

3.    Aptitude Test

4.    Interest Test

5.    Anxiety Test

6.    Emotional Test

7.    Multidimensional Intelligence Test

       what are the test inventories/batteries/scale we use

*       Standard Progressive Matrix

*       Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

*       David Aptitude Test

*       16 PF Test

*       Holland Occupational Themes

*       The Guilford-Zimmerman Interest Inventory       

*       Howard Gardner's MI Model

*       Hogan and David Personal Style Inventory

*       Career Success Map Questionnaire

*       Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI)

career-counselling for individual student/person
Complete  Career-Counselling:   

diagnosis of Stream i.e. selection of subjects according to merit, personality trait and area of interest and aptitude and identification of appropriate career with personality analysis


we provide minimum 15 to 20 pages Booklet-type Report with colour chart graph and final Diagnosis-Report of subject selection  i.e. science, arts ,commerce or any other areas and career options with personality analysis with development task for personality enhancement
fee: ask to reception office


customize service 

 you can also enjoy only facilities of stream selection or career selection

We provide mass-scale career counselling for School ,College 

in-between class iX to 

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